Sir Plus furniture - never again

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First of all, there's huge going out of business signs all over the front yet they are getting in shipments every week and have to order your furniture for you.Then you have no credit check and no interest signs when the first thing they asked us was for our info to run out credit and then presented us with a contract full of interest.

We bought a bedroom set on 5/22 and they told us it would take 7 to 10 days for it to come in because they had to order it. Don't forget the store is closing signs. Three weeks later, after I had to call several times to get some information because nobody contacts you and the workers rarely answer the phones, I get a delivery date. My husband was home when the delivery came and when I arrived, I noticed there were two pieces of furniture missing.

No warning at all, just didn't show up. After another couple hours trying to get through to someone on the phone, they say "oh yeah, that's on backorder. When it comes in we'll have it delivered. And don't worry we won't charge you delivery again" Of course you're not going to charge me delivery, I already paid for it.

It's been another two weeks and I still don't have the missing furniture. Every time I call or go to the store I get some bs stories and nobody knows where my missing furniture is.

The customer service is TERRIBLE and this is the WORST store.DO NOT go to them!!!!1

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